PV Solar Array installed over an old roof?

August 4, 2015 at 09:33

Tony Chalupnik

When I see solar systems installed over an older roof, especially on residential buildings, it gets me thinking.
What’s it gonna cost to remove and replace all those panels when the roof leaks?
Now think about the vast commercial building arena;  Solar systems installed over an inadequate flat roof add up to financial headaches for the building owner.
How can you fund both the solar generation system and a roof replacement/restoration without breaking the bank?

SolaRoof  Plus.

A turnkey solution for replacing your leaking flat roof, generating solar power for your building and packaging it all into one lease payment at or near what you are paying for electricity now.
This revolutionary option allows even Non-Profit building owners like churches, schools and institutions to monetize the vast tax incentives for Solar systems utilizing the lease option.

Call me for more details  800-680-5868

How To Find a Legit Contractor For Your Project?

May 19, 2014 at 03:06

Tony Chalupnik

Are you planning to reroof your home or building? You need to do a little research and be prepared before you sign a contract. This is a reprint of a blog I wrote back in 2011 and as we approach the busy Summer roofing season, I want to offer it up for our friends who are looking to reroof. As you meet with various contractors, home owners and building owners need to be diligent by asking some important questions. Failing to ask a few questions might cost you plenty in the long run. Here are five simple questions to ask before signing a contract: 1.  Are you licensed? Many skilled contractors practice without a license today. Even though this is unwis...

Guerrilla Wealth Tips For Roofers 03/25/2014

March 25, 2014 at 17:29

Tony Chalupnik

Guerrilla Wealth Tactics Now that you have your financing in place for your Million Dollar Idea, (last week's blog) Let's talk about the last three Wealth Tactics of the Rich and Successful. GWT #8, 9 and 10 8. Be Focused vs. Scattered Time must be focused:  Pour your energy in one business entity First, then diversify after making your money in that one area. PICK ONE AND FOCUS!      Tip - "Opportunities," can  become obstacles, thinning your focus from what's truly important. 9. Systemize "A repeatable process that produces a profit"      Tip - Set up the business so it can run without you, systemize the processes. The goal is to turn your bu...

Guerrilla Wealth Tips for Roofers 03/17/2014

March 17, 2014 at 13:28

Tony Chalupnik

Guerrilla Wealth Tactics Happy St. Patrick's Day! GWT #7 Financing Methods As it is said, "There is more than one way to skin a cat." There is more than one way to Finance a Company, Product Idea or Business Venture. Here is my short list: 1. "Something Else" - (Different source of money than a bank) 2. "Different Way" - (Maybe Interest and Barter) 3. Bank - "Pray" 4 .Co/sign Loan 5. Partner Capital 6. Syndicate Investment - (Many Investors Chip In) 7. "Customer Financing" - (Pre-Sell or Customer Finances the products you will deliver)           *Here's How - First you sell, then you buy the product on credit as pre-sold goods. Pre-Selling ...

Guerrilla Wealth Tips for Roofers (Recap #1) 3/3/2014

March 3, 2014 at 09:38

Tony Chalupnik

Guerrilla Wealth Tactics Here's a quick recap of the first five Guerrilla Wealth Tactics: 1. Rich and Successful people have 3 financial intentions * Working Income is always going up * Passive Income is a must. Making money while you sleep. * The Value of your company is going up...Always. 2. "FOCUS ON SELLING and SALES" 3. "Revenue is not Profit" 4. "Rich People are Experts at What they Do" 5. "Focus on Higher Ticket Items" GWT #6 Find High Volume Buyers for lower ticket products or services. Regardless of the dollar value of what you sell, there are opportunities to sell this in a higher volume way. Also consider combining products in a p...

Guerrilla Wealth Tips for Roofers 2/24/2013

February 24, 2014 at 10:03

Tony Chalupnik

  Guerrilla Wealth Tactics GWT #5 Higher Ticket Items Rich and successful always focus on Higher Ticket Items. This is a fundamental of maintaining cash flow and is much more profitable. When you focus on the "Big Stuff," many times it is the same deal, the same time and effort only more zeros in the deal. In the roofing industry many contractors focus on the front end sale, (usually smaller margin) yet forget the back end. (larger margins) Here are a few back end ideas for contractors: Maintenance agreements, Gutters, Solar installs, concrete cleaning and affiliate agreements with other trades*. *Arrange affiliate agreements with painters, ...

Guerrilla Wealth Tips For Roofers 02/19/2013

February 19, 2014 at 17:31

Tony Chalupnik

  Guerrilla Wealth Tactics GWT #4 Rich People are Experts at What They Do. Ask Yourself this question. I am an Expert at_______?   You Fill In The Blank Roofing Systems, Residential Roofing, Estimating, Installations, Marketing, Telemarketing, Face-to-Face Sales, Solar, Roof Budget Planning, Institutional Roof Systems, Plumbing, Construction, Computer troubleshooting, Influence, Persuasion. Just a few ideas to help you along. Once you have the answer for the above question ask yourself: Am I being paid what I am worth for my expertise as the best in my field? If not, you need to improve. How? Become an expert in your area by becoming a though...

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