Solar Panels Included In Reroofing Projects

October 26, 2011 at 17:36

Tony Chalupnik

Many older homes and buildings are in need of repair today.  One of the main focuses for outdoor renovation is the roof.  After all, good roofs protect the building and also enhance proper insulation through the implementation of “Cool-Roof” systems.  A new roof will not only make your house look better, but it also prevents your home or building from suffering the effects of cracks, leaks, and other damage.  If you are considering reroofing, you might consider including solar panels into your new roof.

Benefits Of Solar Panels
Solar panels have many benefits.  This energy source is becoming one of the most important energy sources for the future.   Adding it to your home now becomes a wise decision that pays you back every day.  The panels are beneficial because they are a true renewable energy source.  There is no danger of depleting resources, and solar energy is a non-polluting choice.  No greenhouse gases are emitted when electric power is generated from solar and it does not harm our ecosystems like other traditional fossil fuel energy sources.  Since the energy from solar panels is acquired from the sun, it is free and requires little or no maintenance.  Lastly, solar panels can last a lifetime so your investment is priceless.

Solar Panels In Your Roof
Solar panels can be included as part of your reroofing project, and these panels can be added easily during the reroof.  Since the roofing work is being done already, the only additional cost is that of the panels and the installation.  In many projects, adding solar panels during a reroof project add no out of pocket cost with new leasing options.

Many manufacturers are producing roofing materials that have solar power generated material in the shingle, tile or metal roof itself.  This means that a traditional rigid solar panel may not be necessary.  You could just install solar shingles, solar generated tiles or a solar generating metal roof system on your roof.  Whether you choose a solar panel installation or an integrated solar photvoltaic system (rigid panel), either option will drastically decrease or even eliminate the amount of money you pay for electricity each month.  It will also allow you to be more environmentally friendly!  There is no better time to install this technology than during a current reroofing project.  You might find that you will need this type of energy in the future and you will be glad that you already have it.

As you ponder the option of adding Solar Power Generation to your roofing project, keep informed about all the Federal, State and Local rebates being offered in your state.  There are many resources available for more information.  A good place to start is your local electricity provider website.

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